Muthalagu Finance, Most Trusted Financial Services Brand
Muthalagu Finance, Most Trusted Financial Services Brand

Gold loan in Tamilnadu

Muthalagu Finance stands out as the premier choice for gold loans in Tamilnadu. We offer low-interest gold loans where your gold jewellery serves as collateral for financial assistance. Your precious items are securely stored in bank lockers while you benefit from our competitive interest rates. Locate our branches conveniently across Mappalayam(Madurai),Anthiyur,Bhavani,Cuddalore,Erode,Gobi,Perambalur,Perundurai, Tanjore,Tenkasi,Vellore,Villupuram,Viruthachalam,SaibabaColony,PNPudhur,Ganapathy, Gudiyatham,Namakkal,Surandai,Salem and Senkottai to avail our gold loan.

We are the leading agent for availing of gold loan per gram in madurai. Jewel loans are a perfect option for people who have large jewellery or valuable gold items in their possession. The best gold loan in madurai comes with specific benefits like easy terms and low-interest rates, along with a guarantee from the muthalagu finance for timely loan installment.

A gold loan is an immediate help in times of emergencies as it helps a person get cash within a day. Gold loan interest rate in madurai begins from 9.00%. The method to check gold loan eligibility is hassle free and straightforward. This loan is only against gold jewellery.

Loan against Gold - Avail Gold loan in minutes!

With decades of trusted service in the gold loan industry, Muthalagu Finance is renowned for offering the best gold loan in Tamilnadu. We have supported lakhs of rural customers by providing the highest gold loan rate per gram. Our gold loans have assisted countless individuals in fulfilling urgent needs such as property purchases, education expenses, agricultural investments, overseas employment, medical bills and business requirements. Experience the ease, speed and security of obtaining a gold loan exclusively at Muthalagu Finance.

Pledge your Gold Ornaments or Jewellery and draw money just in minutes.

Depending on the net weight and purity of the gold, loan amount will be disbursed.

Muthalagu has various customised schemes that will fit your requirements and suit to all income groups Change schemes any time.

Highest loan amount lowest interest rates.

Loan Takeover – Muthalagu helps you to release your jewels pledged with others.

Loan limit ranging from Rs.2000 to 1 crore in a single day.

Quality & Quick customer service.

All branches equipped with Safety lockers, CCTV, Alarm, Biometric systems ensure the safe custody of your Gold Ornaments.

No processing fee and hidden charges.

No income proof.

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gold rate Calculated at 6,770

Frequently Asked Questions

Muthalagu finance offers the highest amount for gold loan in Tamilnadu.

Gold loan interest rate starts at 7.2% per annum.

Muthalagu Finance offers gold loans at a low interest rate of 60 paise, with no hidden fees and quick approval within minutes.

Muthalagu Finance gives highest amount for a gold loan per gram

Muthalagu Finance offers the lowest interest rate for gold loans at 7.2% per annum, equivalent to 0.60 paise.

Explore our transparent gold loan scheme featuring clear terms for payment periods, interest rates, loan amounts and the total repayment. Easily calculate both simple interest and total repayment on your own.