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What is gold loan software?

What is Gold Loan Software?

  • Gold loan is an easy and simple concept. It is a method by which a customer gets a loan by submitting his/her gold ornaments or jewellery as a guarantee. To be precise a gold loan requires gold ornaments as security
  • .Gold loan software is complete utility software for managing the gold loan, customer data management, loan accounting, loan accounting etc., for gold finance companies. Gold loan software is enriched with facilities to create numerous loan types and interest schemes. The gold loan software is specially crafted to track the premiums and loan processing. Every jeweller and finance company is in need of aid to optimize and analyze the gold loan programs.
  • Advanced gold loan software is swift and user-friendly due to the features that keep a track of loan foreclosure, payment tracking, records of gold and loan instalment planning etc. The best gold loan software is also capable of generating numerous types of reports that act to be beneficial for a gold loan company. Right From conventions, interest rates and time slabs for calculating the days in a period.
  • Whenever there is a need for a loan against gold near me, there are numerous companies that serve in this industry but while there is a categorization between moderate gold loan software and the best gold loan software, ERECTA technologies lead the list of best gold loan software company. Our commitment to our work and our clients makes us one of the client's choices. As we understand the needs of the gold loan industry, hence we are capable of including some of the most vital features in our software such that our clients never face any sort of issues while managing a gold loan company in India. Thinking about every aspect of the business, we have built top-quality gold loan software for clients.
  • The Gold loan software for Money lenders is designed in such a way that our customers enjoy a single point for loan application processing, approval and disbursal, loan ledger, customer information, kyc/ckyc, gold details, interest schedule, monitoring, collection, reporting, closure, renewal, reminders and notices

What is gold loan system?

  • For a Gold Loan, the bank takes your gold as collateral for the period of the loan. Banks charge an interest rate, and once you repay the entire loan, the bank returns your jewellery
  • The Gold Loan Software is specially designed & developed for Jewellers Helpful to automates Calculate the entire loan processing and tracking of premiums. Gold Loan Application is an advanced way to manage the records of customers and streamline the loaning processes to reduce the turnaround time and overall cost, decrease risk and enhance profitability of the company.

Advantages of Gold Loan Software

  • A gold loan management software helps pawn service providers to uplift and streamline the overall process and accuracy of the organization through its several useful and research driven features and functionalities. Let’s have a look at the major advantages of an efficient and robust Loan Management System
  • Automates The Loaning Process – From Start To Finish
  • Accelerates The Customer Service & Enhances Productivity
  • Centralized Documentation for Instant Access from Anywhere
  • Provides Transparent & Easily Comprehensible Portrait of Facts & Figures
  • Reminds Important Points Like Installment Date, Overdue Amount and So OnReduced Turnaround Time & Thus Reduces Overall Cost